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Formats Softcover. Other Book By Author. Erotic Tales 2. Book Details. Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 5x8. Page Count : ISBN : Format : E-Book. About the Book. About the Author. Add Review. Ratings Please Enter Rating. The sun shines in through the sprawling window and the smell of coffee fills my nose.

Papers and folders are strewn all over the large desk in front of me, reminding me of all the work I have to do. A knock sounds from the door across the room, and before I can welcome them Chief Richards enters. Sound good? He exits through the open door and leaves me at my desk, my mouth open and head full of questions. I stare at the doorway and try to pick one thought to focus on first.

Being a cop was always in my plan, but being a detective is the real goal, and this will be a huge step in the right direction. I get up and stand by the window, looking out over the city. I think of my father and my grandfather who were also policemen who moved up the ranks to detective. I think, and suddenly my thoughts change to fear. My thoughts are interrupted by a knocking at the door.

I turn quickly, not expecting anyone, and see officer Davis leaning up against the frame. My measly desk is right next to your office, after all. A creepy smile spreads across his face and I want to gag. The thought of spending one night with him sounds less fun than being killed by the mob. Well, not really, of course. But it still sounds pretty bad. This will be my biggest challenge yet by far , I think. But I know I am up for the task. The rest of the family is scattered throughout the living room and some stand behind the table in the kitchen.

I turn to face Bobby and grab him by his collar, ripping him out of the chair. I slam his back into the wall and bring my face just inches from his. His eyes dart around in a panic and he grasps at my wrists for mercy. I want to crack him one to teach him not to speak out of line, but I choose to go easy on him — this time. I release his collar with a shove and go back to pacing around the linoleum floor.

The Superior Female - Two Tales of Erotic Female Domination

I take a deep breath and put my hands on my hips. The cops are already sniffing around too close. We gotta keep it tight. Be fucking careful but get the goddamn money. I stare at them, considering their idea. Our safety comes first, no matter what.

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They all start to talk and joke, passing cards across the table. I walk into the foyer, pacing around the small space.

All of Leigh's books are available at:

I walk down the sidewalk, taking in the sights and sounds as I go. I come to a storefront with glass walls and look at myself in the reflection. A girl with dark, long hair stares back. She wears a beanie, a denim coat, and ripped jeans. My hair falls messily down my back in its natural state, much different than the tightly wound bun I normally wear it in.


Sam Parker. I repeat the name in my head over and over again. All records of Sam Williams will be destroyed at the station, any trace that I ever worked there gone. I approach a local bar and restaurant that I know to be owned by the Scalero family. I enter the restaurant and sit at the bar. I order a beer from the bartender, and look around without being too obvious. Within minutes, a pair of guys whose faces have been burned into my brain from hours of research come in and sit down at a booth.

They talk quietly, with a few bursts of laughter here and there. I swig the rest of my drink and order another. I grab the bottle and make my way over to the table. I lock my eyes on one and approach him, resting my hand gently on his shoulder. He looks up at me, a confused expression painting his face, but quickly turning to a smile.

I seat myself at their booth next to the other man without an invitation.

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I take a swig of my beer and the men look at each other. I grab some of the chips from the bowl on the table and put them in my mouth.

"Erotic Stories" My first experience

Vinny looks at me, a half smile across his lips. A stranger approaches the table, old enough to be my father and drunk as a lord.

Erotic Tales 2

His eyes only see me, and he rests both of his forearms on the table only inches away from me. He rests on one knee in front of me and places a hand on my thigh, moving it slightly up my leg. I smile and sip my beer. Once I put it down, I grab him by the throat and in one swift motion, I have him pinned up against the wall with my forearm holding his neck.

He nods his head slightly, still barely able to move, and I release him. He rubs his neck and stumbles away. I sit back down in the booth and look at Vinny who has a full smile across his face. My feet rest on the desk and I lean back in my chair while some wiseguy yells in my ear through the phone.


Someone knocks on the door and I call them in. Vinny and Bobby enter and I put my finger up to them, telling them to wait. Before I can turn my head, I get a glimpse of someone else entering and my attention springs back. A short girl with dark hair walks through the door, her eyes glancing around at the walls. Her eyes are a deep green that are so piercing I can see them from across the room. Her hair falls in natural waves down her back and a knitted hat rests on top of it.

Her skin is pale with rounded cheeks and full lips. Time stands still while I admire her, and the voice on the other end of the phone blurs away.

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I take my feet off the desk and sit up in my chair.