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  3. Business Discourse across ‘cultures’: data selection, collection and analysis Francesca Bargiela.

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Discourse in business | Blue Donkey

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The Corpus of Business Discourse 1. Is text-mining methodology, an effective way to reorganize, visualize and analyze text from business student reflections?


Is text analysis from student reflections a meaningful way to assess creation of new knowledge in the classroom? Was new knowledge created as a result of the learners experience in the classroom? Corpus linguistics is the study of a language through large database of native texts, written or spoken. It includes using frequency and concordancing techniques Tang, Open source, text mining and quantitative content analysis software.

Continuously improved since intro in Originally developed for use with Japanese text, now expanded for use with several languages Koichi, H. Efficient, basic part- of-speech tagger—software that reads text originally in English but expanded to other languages, and assigns parts of speech to each word and token, such as noun, verb, adjective, etc.

Module 9. Part 4 Enacting persuasion in televised business discourse

Force directional algorithm to determine co- occurrence networks in KH Coder. For example, in the case where the frequency of word a is 4, and the frequency of word b is 3, then the frequency of a and b is 2.

Business Discourse across ‘cultures’: data selection, collection and analysis Francesca Bargiela.

Definition of Terms Key assumption is that frequently occurring words are important clues to the major themes of the text than words that occur less frequently Ryan, Firms students toured in Greece and interviewed the management Word Frequency Anzai and Matsuzawa, tax income taxation deduction C or S corporation individual business government 94 learn 94 pay 90 rate 79 different 79 project 78 use 73 type 71 course 70 form 69 group 68 country 63 expense 60 work 60 help 57 taxpayer 56 challenge 54 know 53 people 48 face 47 entity 47 thing 46 understand 45 liability 44 calculate 43 profit 41 wealth 41 case 40 credit 40 corporate 40 deduct 40 apply 39 time 38 include 37 make 37 work 37 gross 37 example 36 person 36 partnership 35 service 35 filing 33 important 33 exemption 32 personal 32 standard 32 married 31 money 31 company 29 information 29 revenue 29 year 29 like 29 Word Frequency Anzai and Matsuzawa, tax taxation learn income business project C or S Corporation course 99 type 97 help ful 96 know 87 deduction 86 understand 80 information 78 entity 74 calculate 73 group 66 work 65 face 63 thing 63 government 63 different 62 make 60 time 50 country 49 knowledge 45 work 45 mean 43 example 42 challenge 41 people 41 wealth 41 include 41 rate 40 new 40 individual 39 experience 37 good 37 use 36 member 36 lot 35 difficult 34 class 33 subject 32 student 31 difficulty 30 need 30 study 30 problem 29 calculation 29 future 29 provide 28 liability 28 way 28 service 27 payment 26 point 26 value 26 idea 26 consumption 26 Average and complete are other methods.

Workplace Trends Global Mobility Multi- Dimensional Scaling Taxation Two tax related clusters are delineated and two sets are agglomerated by pairs, all are delineated from the cooperative learning cluster Multi- Dimensional Scaling Taxation Three distinct tax related clusters are delineated and a pair are agglomerated all are delineated from the two cooperative learning clusters In the project, students researched and proposed solutions to specific HR problems uncovered at particular firms.

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Interestingly these two streams intersect first and then connect at the problem node Centrality Co-occurrence Network Taxation Several strong network ties noted. One well networked central theme with three well networked sub themes Centrality Co-occurrence Network Taxation Connections not as strong as for One well networked central theme with four sub- themes of which two are well networked Communities Co-occurrence Network Taxation Distinct communities of characteristics centered around a central theme As James Henderson Collins puts it, Plato composed dramatic protreptic speeches in which someone converts or tries to convert a person to a new way of living.

Its primary functions in forging bonds, winning an argument and most importantly, keeping order, is what businesses need to refresh themselves in. What we can forever learn from the Ancient Greeks is how to continue perfecting our discourse in the business environment. The art of persuasion , most of all, is imperative for all business structures to subscribe to.

This mode of discourse was summarised by Aristotle in three parts: pathos, ethos and logos. Secondly, in terms of the character elements Ethos , it is important to run meetings fairly and honestly so that people can trust your advice and lead, based on your background and experience. Finally, all the writers and research over the years reinforces that it is smart to recognise the emotional Pathos content too; we can add creative openings and bring our business ideas to life with good examples, stories and personal information — to bring the right level of emotional engagement into a meeting.

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In The Guardian , Jules Evans lists 7 methods from Ancient Greek Philosophy, from the likes of Plutarch and Epictetus, that help business leaders become better at fostering an atmosphere of positivity and personal growth for their employees, which ultimately leads to a successful business culture.